31 January 2010

The iPad will be an important new channel, if Media evolves

It's not a TV, nor a PC, nor a Smart Phone and nor is it a Netbook, but some off all the above at the same time.

And when Steve Jobs sunk into a couch to show-n-tell, it was also the hint of who it's being primarily targeted at - the couch surfers.

Big iPad media deals are yet to be announced. The media industry that stumbled badly on the web,  a second chance through a device that can bring to life the mobile internet. They will however need to work to adapt their products & services and experiment.

Unlike content one got through the PC, in exchange for eyeballs and email address, I'd be willing to pay for customized content I value &  primarily for the ease of access & use. Steve Woznaik navel gazes, and puts it across nicely in just 90 seconds:

I also see the iPad as an option for publishers to sell & facilitate interactive experiences. TV broadcasters tried this with interactive TV, but failed as they were attempting to change passive couch behavior. But then, to start with the iPad is targeted at the couch surfers and we'll know soon.

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