28 February 2012

Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! - The new Facebook Annexe

Over the last month or so, Pinterest is all the rage and all over FB news feeds like a rash.
Google Trends for "Pinterest"

If Twitter is the modern day version of Ham Radio, What is Pinterest? Is it here to stay? What role does it play in our lives that other platforms don't?

To understand anything new, it's best seen through the eyes of the familiar. 

Pinterest is a free public gallery space/wall, where anyone can display, co-create and seamlessly share with their connections. Unlike Facebook "Likes, Comments, Shares" which happen in chronology and on personal pages, Pinterest allows concurrent interactions across boards of varied interests in shared spaces.

The Facebook integration has been a game changer for a platform that was dormant for most part of 2 years. It's now providing Facebook with an annexe of shared public spaces, something it didn't really have. I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook tries to acquire it soon.

For the "show me the money", Pinterest beautifully aids discovery across  social graphs at the very top and drives commerce as a referrer (the first of more innovative options to come).

Is Pinterest is here to stay. Thoughts?

08 February 2012

What ails Indian Cricket and how to overcome it?

One of my favourite cricketers, delivers a simple but painstaking solution to get Indian cricket out of its downward spiral.

Given all the emphasis on T20, sometimes I wonder if we are too deep in the rut to ever climb out.