15 September 2011

CRM - Fishing analogies & theories

When it comes to CRM there’s no dearth of theories but what’s with the analogies? And lots of fishing ones at that.

“Fish where the fish are.” OK.

"Let’s go ONLY after the big fish with LTV.” Yes, makes absolute sense on an XL.

A wise old CRM fisherman quips: “Son, everyone is after the big fish. Focus on the small ones with potential and farm them well.” Sage advice that.

And just when conflicting advice was hurting my gills, today, a CRM strategist compared CRM to, hold that guffaw, an aquarium. My interpretation of the analogies (in brackets):

  • Running a CRM program is like maintaining an aquarium (Yes it’s delicate, agree)
  • Introduce new fish to keep the energy going (read focused acquisitions) 
  • Keep the fish moving (read planned activation, X sell, tier management etc…) 
  • Create an environment for the fish to survive – moss, algae all included (read create deep bonds with the brand & program – emotional, structural & financial) 
  • Make sure focus on the big fish, doesn’t kill the smaller ones or makes the big fish indifferent (read stop over promoting. Move them to a new pond (tier) if possible) 

Jokes aside, I think the CRM strategist was on to something, even if probably on something.

Combine that with the sage advice of the CRM fisherman and we have a recipe for success. Seafood allergy not guaranteed.

End of bad fish puns.

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