23 September 2011

Facebook f8 Keynote Summary

Facebook's F8 Conference keynote is another indication of things to come on the Social Web

In summary:
  • Facebook has your present, and wants your past.
  • The social web is moving from nouns (Like) to verbs (Read, Listened, Watched). And extends this from Communications & Games to Media & Lifestyle interests & activities via Apps. Adjectives next?
The fresh batch of new features can be lumped into three major categories:

  • Profile changes: Users will have a "Timeline" page that reconfigures profiles into a scrapbook.
  • Sharing changes: The network's sharing features will be deeper than ever, especially across ones media and lifestyle activities
  • API changes: Applications won't have to constantly ask for permission to post content.
More details on Facebook's F8 at: https://www.facebook.com/f8

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